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Stock: Dark

aaskie in pixelfun

Wallpaper tut

Guys, lame tutorial. But I love the effect and hence sharing it with you.

learn how to make this wallpaper.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

1. Download some smoke brushes. Or find a picture with some smoke. I use brushes from here -


2. So take the smoke image or use the smoke brush in the color that you want.

3. I took Sophie's pic. Mine was already in a good contrast but you might have to desaturate the image and increase the contrast. Erase the edges a bit with a big soft round brush.

4. Set this on OVERLAY.


I just added some text to it and made it a wallpaper.

- Comment if this was helpful
- Friend us for more tuts
- Any question, ask.


Wow! Really great effect, and super simple! Memed, thanks!
...that's it? It's a rather professional-looking effect, and I love it.
Thank you - as always - love your tuts.
Have memed.
I have found some of my fav brushes at deviant. And some good pics for icons too.
Wow, really pretty effect. And it seems rather easy too :D
I downloaded the brushes but PhotoShop wont let me change the colour of the brush - an tips?
Hey. Sorry for the LATE reply. I really have no idea why that would happen. Is the problem solved now? Or you can ask in i_t
Great effect! Memmed :D
I am so going to be using that..

Great stuff :D
pretty, i luv it. thanks X)
Niiice, I will do ti, yeahp. :D
I made this, hope ya'll like it ^^
--->> http://megumi-chi-zaib.deviantart.com/art/Amy-Adams-Wallpaper-114731340
I love it. Glad you like the tutorial. :)
I've been making heaps of other stuff using similar techniques ;]
Thanks ^_~
late, but very helpful! made this.
This is amazing! Added to memories.
Thanks for sharing