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Stock: Dark

aaskie in pixelfun

Useless background tut

Merry Christmas to all of you.

I wonder why someone would want to know this, but it is a cool trick to know. Uses PHOTOSHOP FILTERS. Might not be translatable.

We are going from to

1. Take the image you want.

2. Go to Filter-Pixelate-Mosaic. Apply it with a cell size of 8.

3. Go to Filter - Stylize - Find Edges

4. Go to Filter - noise - median with 2px radius.

5. Go to Filter- others - maximum with 1px

6. Invert this by pressing ctrl+I or image-adjustments-invert.

7. Duplicate this layer and set it on SCREEN.

8. Apply filter-stylize-find edges on the new layer set on screen. Invert it again - crtl+I

9. Duplicate the screened layer TWICE. On the one on the top, apply a motion blur(filter-blur-motion blur) at an angle of 45 degrees, 100 distance.

10. Go to image -adjustments- auto levels. we are applying this on the topmost layer.

11. Now select the layer below this. Apply motion blur again. BUT -45 degress(minus 45) angle with the same 100 distance.

12. Apply auto levels on this too.

13. Make a new brightness/contrast ADJUSTMENT LAYER. Adjust it to get what you want. Decrease the brightness, increase the contrast.

14. Crop the part that you want to use.

And you are done.

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- Any question, ask.


This is seriously the coolest thing ever! Thank you!
Wow...this is really cool! Thanks for sharing :)
Whoa, that is so cool!
omg. that's amazing!!
that's a great effect. thanks so much for posting it. :)
Soooo late, but thanks.


Wow, way to ruin the beauty of Jensen Ackles. At lease use someone ugly!
Wow, way to ruin the beauty of Jensen Ackles.

That is the whole point. :D