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Stock: Dark

aaskie in pixelfun

Random tut

A tutorial on deleting the background of images. An easy and quick method. Almost perfect. The only imperfection, it's only for Photoshop users.

1. The image -

2. Make a copy of this image. Create a new layer between the background layer and the new duplicated layer. Fill it with a solid color. I used white. (we do this to see the difference after applying the other steps)

3. Go to filters-extract.

Start drawing with the brush(appears as a circular thing and looks like a pen on the toolbar), change the size according to your requirements. Start drawing around the part that you want to keep. Keep in mind to draw in a way such that THE LINE THAT YOU DRAW IN HALF ON THE PART THAT YOU WANT AND HALF OUTSIDE. notice that I have changed the size where I wanted detail.

4. Choose the fill bucket and fill the part you want to keep. The blue area aids you to make sure that you have everything selected. It should look like this now.

5. Click on OK. You get this -

6. I still could see some things I didn't want. I used the eraser tool to remove them. Final result -

note - It turned out ok in this case but suppose after 'extracting' if you see that some parts that you wanted are gone, run the history brush tool on the parts.

- Comment if this was helpful
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- Any question, ask.


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whoa. +mem.
sush looks nice in here also
is this from the movie fiza ?
Yes. I LOVE Sushmita.
This is excellent - thanks!

Hey you back!
Not really. yes, here. no on my journal. Photoshop unwinds me you see. I feel better now though. But I might as well finish with my jury before coming back from the hiatus.
What is the history brush meant to do? Cause on my picture it just comes up white
The history brush, if you are running it on the correct layer, brings back your layer to the condition it was in before you applied the last effect, the extract tool in this case. So if you erased an ear ring, you run the history brush over the part where it should have been and you get the ear ring back. but remember, only the LAST affect.
wow. thanks!!
Thanks for this tut,it's very helpful !
I never knew this function existed in photoshop.
I love it :D
thanks :D
thanks for this its awesome =] added to mems
For some reason it's turning out really, really weird on some edges, this weird white/black, torn kinda effect even going into the picture when I try it.
Can you give me the picture, I can try and see what the problem is.
wow. this makes things sooo much more easier. thank you for this =)
Ooo, thanks! This definitely makes things easier. Adding to my mems. Thanks again!
Hihi. The tut is amazing
& I miss you &hearts
this is soo helpful! i keep asking about it and no one seems to know. but thank you soo much and I added to mems
lovelovelovelove(GAH)! THANK YOU!
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