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Icon tut, OMG!

So guys, thanks for voting in the poll. Alright, I am away from home right now and will be back on 25th. But, a small icon tut till then. This was asked at i_t once. I don't know if it ever got answered or not. But anyways,

From to

Made in Photoshop CS. I think it can be done in all other programmes.

1. I took the base and hated it's blueness. So, this step is totally optional and depends on your image. I played with curves on this pic. In blue, dragged the curve a bit towards the downside(decreases the blue) and then in RED, dragged the curve a bit more towards the upper side. (increases the red)

This changed to .

2. I duplicated the new image, sharpened the new layer once and set it on screen 80%.

3. I created a new raster layer above everything, filled it with #FFF2BD, decreased the layer opacity to 56% and set it on multiply.

4. Another raster layer, filled with #BDFAFF, decreased the layer opacity to 52%, the layer on Color Burn.

5. I created a new adjustment layer - Hue/Saturation and increased the saturation to +18.

6. Now that fun part. Alright, let me try to make this as clear as possible.
- Create a new layer
- Set a lightish blue as your foreground color
- Create a circular selection in the middle of the icon using the circular selection tool
- Choose the gradient tool from the Fill/Gradient tool option. Select foreground to transparent as your gradient option and choose radial gradient.
- Make a radial gradient in the circular selection so that blue is at the border and transparent in the middle.
- Go to select - modify - contract and contract your selection by 3 pixels. Make sure that the selection tool is selected, right click inside the selection and click on Feather - 5 pixels. Hit delete.

7. Set this layer on multiply.

8. Duplicate the previous layer and set it on color burn.

9. Create a new layer, go to image-apply image, click ok. Set this layer on softlight, about 35%. Done.

- Any questions, ASK
- PLEASE DO NOT copy the tut exactly.
- Comment, it makes me grin
- Have fun and don't be scared of experimenting
- Friend the community for more tuts
Tags: photoshop, tutorial

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